Lemad is a logistics company that uses strategic and customized plans with state-of-the-art technology for moving goods all over the country.

We manage your transportation right until the final delivery with a high level of service:

Structured processes with different solutions.

Design and implementation of strategic actions that allow for a timely follow-up of vehicles.

Experienced combined with a constant updating of the processes and use of technology to efficiently control service.


We have a wide experience and a deep knowledge to fulfill deliveries across industries, as well as an excellent management of necessary resources so products are on shelves in time and manner, and thus helping their positioning.
They are:

Mass Consumption


Hygiene and beauty




Department stores

Cold Chain


We use a state-of-the-art Web Service platform with the following features:

Vehicles are integrated on-route for a real-time monitoring.


Lemad has a wide portfolio of transportation suppliers that fully participate in each project so as to cover the client’s needs.

We give each Lemad client the highest logistics level in their transportations, implementing all guidelines within ISO 28000 Certification, to comply with safety in the supply chain and thus generating trust and support in clients and their brands’ profitability.

The new company
RC Logistics with its own
is brought in to add value and improve logistics value.

Specialization on FTL (FullTruck Load)

Fully Devoted Services: We are known for having a whole transportation staff at your disposal for a specific period, thus guaranteeing full flexibility and flow in all transfers, as well as meeting any specific requirements.

Opportunity Services: Service that fits a specific need from our clients, who do not need to have transportation fully devoted to them. We adapt to required timing and react to their requirements in an efficient manner.


All our vehicles have drivers that are certified on Recurso Confiable training program.