Logistics and Distribution

We are a young company led by professionals with over 30 years of experience. We develop customized and innovative solutions, through strategic planning, methodological processes, and preliminary analysis with the aim of supporting our clients in positioning their brand.

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Our Differentiators

With over 20 years of experience in supply chain management and operation, we are a team that draws its people’s abilities and skills to achieve results with the quality and accuracy sought after by our business partners.



By investing in innovation, developing end to end visibility tools, and testing new technologies, we are creating client oriented solutions that boost impact and provide today’s supply chain with the future of logistics.



We started operating in 2015. Since then, we became the business partner that companies need; offering a service that provides guarantees and results at every step of the supply chain.



We analyze the current situation of our business partners and propose sustainable projects, and we achieve outstanding financial, operative, and experience indicators at all times.

Numbers that work for you

Theft index is less than0.000 % per year

Service level00.5 %

Over0 yearly trips

Highly trained staff and experience

Our clients


Industries we specialize on

Mass consumption

Mass consumption Are your products high demand?

Lemad guarantees they will arrive in time and manner to your customers, thus creating and advantage over your competition by always being stocked.


HIGH-TECH Technology is constantly evolving, so having your products available and ever rotating, as well as a safe transfer will always be a priority for us.

Rest assured that at LEMAD we have professional and expert people in this segment.

Perishable goods

Perishable goods Proper handling and efficient transfer of perishable goods is vital for them to arrive in optimal conditions at the point of sale. This is why we are committed to deliver to our clients the best service and to guarantee that their products arrive in the best manner possible.

Hygiene and Beauty

Hygiene and Beauty This sector is of the utmost importance in our society, so it is indispensable to have these products stocked and available in the marketplace.

LEMAD will be your strategic partner so your product will always be on shelves, which translates into your market positioning being favored.


Pharmaceutics LEMAD has implemented specific processes and procedures for this industry, where it guarantees the highest standards within the segment.

Our clients will always be safe and assured knowing their products are in the best hands.


+4,800 trips all over the country

We reach and cover all of Mexico, especially the states pointed in the map. Also, we have two operation centers in Estado de México and Monterrey.

Estado de México Monterrey San Luis Puebla Culiacán Querétaro Guadalajara Veracruz Villa Hermosa Chihuahua Cancún Oaxaca Mexicali Guanajuato Chiapas Yucatán Tijuana Sonora